Your 2022 Ultimate Guide to the CrossFit Open!

WE WANT YOU! All of you! This is an amazing, fun time to be a CrossFitter, and after the couple of years we have been living in, its time to
January 31, 2022
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Its Time!!! (Do I sound like Bruce Buffer from the UFC yet??). The CrossFit Open is upon us! On Thursday, February 24, 2022 a four week celebration of fitness will commence!

What is the Open?

The worldwide CrossFit Open is the official beginning of the CrossFit Games season, and is one of the avenues athletes will take to eventually reach the Games. More importantly, it is ALSO a time for CrossFitters all around the world to celebrate their fitness, recognize how far they have come in their journey, and be a part of a massive world wide event. It’s your time to commit to bringing your very best, creating memories and having a blast with your classmates and coaches.  MAGIC happens in gyms around the world during the open! We have seen it in our own gym, year after year. We push a little harder, cheer a little louder and the community spirit is at an all time high. LOADS of PR’s happen during the open, including first pullups, double unders, first box jumps, snatch PR’s....all the things!

Who Competes?

WE WANT YOU! All of you! This is an amazing, fun time to be a CrossFitter, and after the couple of years we have been living in, its time to celebrate and have an epic time. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new, in your teens, in your 60’s (or higher ;-), a scaled athlete or an RX athlete. This year there are even more options for you to choose from, with an RX division, scaled, and foundations division. PLUS all of your amazing coaches will help you navigate through each week.

Why SRCF is the best place around for the Open

The SRCF Intramural Open of course! In 2019, and we introduced an amazing, gym wide team challenge. We had massive group workouts every Friday night and SO much fun! This year, we are cautious about massive fitness parties, but we CAN still have a team throw down challenge, secret popup challenges and massive amounts of SRCF community spirit.This year, the Intramural Open will once again be a class vs class battle royale! We know you and your regular class mates are already teammates and this is your chance to take on the rest of the gym for bragging rights for the rest of the year.

How does the Intramural Open work?

Starting on February 24th, 2022, the CrossFit Games will make an Open WOD announcement on Thursday.  On Friday, our workout of the day will be the WOD that was announced the day before. Its even a surprise to us! We will have heat registrations for each class on Fridays, so we can make sure everyone who wants to participate gets in. There will be three weeks of official Open workouts, and we will have our own, top secret 4th week. In-house Team Captains will be announced this week! Our Bright Spots Board will turn into a team board, with everyone listed who has committed to participate (you do not have to be officially signed up to commit to participate).  Commit to your class and sign up under your class time.

How to Score Points for Your Team

Think of it like the different houses of Hogwarts competing for the House Cup! In the Intramural Open, participation is king. You don’t have to be a gym beast to help your team score points and forge the way to victory. Officially signing up for the Open is not required, but it will help your team gain points. Your team captains will be reporting your team points each week.  You DO have to be on your teams official commit list board to score points for your team.

2 Points - for participating in the Friday workout

2 Points - for posting your score to the World Wide Leaderboard (you must be officially signed up)

1 Point - for finishing in the top 3 in the gym (each week).  Points will be awarded for RX and Scaled top 3.  This is where things get interesting.  RX will mean what ever the RX designation is for your age group.  Same for scaled.  Its ANYONE’s game!

1 Point (per week) - for posting on YOUR social media about all the fun you are having. Be sure to tag us using #SRCF #swiftrivercrossfit and #SRCFOpen

3 points - Spirit of the Games (individual) Judged by a comprehensive, biased group of CrossFit coaches at the end of each week

5 Points - Spirit of the Games (team). Judged by the same group of biased coaches mentioned above. This may or may not be awarded every week. Let’s see how magical you guys can get.

Additional surprise bonus challenges will be posted during the four weeks.

-5 points. You didn’t sign up for the Open or Intramural? (Actually we can’t deduct points if you didn’t sign up can we? But we CAN do burpees bwahahaha)

What does the winning team get?

Eternal glory! Winning team members who are listed on the official commitment board will receive a house champions t-shirt, a banner with their names on it to hang in the gym (check out the Daly Grinders banner from last year), and the opportunity to pick a specialty class during your class time (it could be a special WOD like the CrossFit Total or an hour long Oly seminar. Or you could also totally take advantage of Coach Paul and Coach Aimee for a boxing class or a self defense class. The choice is yours!)

What does it cost?

If you are officially signing up for the Open, so you can post to the world wide leaderboard (and earn more points for your team ;-) , the registration fee is $20 and you can sign up here The Open | CrossFit Games

Having a fun 4 week celebration of fitness? PRICELESS

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