Our Holiday Gift Guide!

December 17, 2021
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It’s that time of year! In our house, our gifts between Paul and I are almost always fitness related. As you can imagine, it has been that way for years! From workout clothes, to shoes, to weight belts and stocking stuffers, we are pretty predictable lol. Here is our list of top gifts for the CrossFitter in your life.


We are really loving the weight belts from 2Pood. They are also the official belt of USA Weightlifting. And they have LOTS of fun patterns to choose from. https://2pood.com/


The Murph Challenge is a big deal for lots of our members. We have personally been using 5.11 weight vests for years and know how well made they are. This year, 5.11 introduced a vest made for athletic training. It has the same quality we have come to expect from 5.11. We also highly recommend the curved weights from 5.11, or curved plates from Rogue.



The right shoes are super important for CrossFit. And not just because we want to look good! Our top recommendation for shoes has always been the Reebok Nano. These are specifically designed with CrossFit in mind. No Bull is also a great choice for a general CrossFit shoe.



Look for “trainer” in the name of the shoe, rather than the runners.


Speaking of the right shoes...Lifting shoes are magic! These are great for any day with weighted squats, or a day involving snatches or clean and jerk.



Wrist wraps and pullup grips are the #1 thing I recommend to members on almost a weekly basis. If you have sore wrists during barbell movements, or even pushups, compression wraps can be a game changer. If your hands slip off the pullup bar, or you have been getting tears, finding the right pair of grips can really help. (I swear my hands sweat more than the rest of me combined hahaha). We love the quality of the wraps and grips from Bear Complex. 20%off site wide right now!!



SRCF Gift Card

SRCF gift cards are a great option! Your CrossFitter can use them to buy 1:1 skill sessions with a coach, buy merchandise, specialty courses, anything we offer! Contact Aimee at info@swiftrivercrossfit.com to purchase.

Go RX and share this list with that special someone who has been asking what to get you for the holidays :-)

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