Why We Started a CrossFit Gym

December 17, 2021
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I get bored easily. VERY easily. But everything changed when I found CrossFit.I was never an “athlete” when I was younger. In 1999 I became a police officer. All 115 pounds of me. I struggled to pass the required bench press test back then. The test was based on a percentage of your bodyweight, and 75 pounds for one rep was just about all I could muster. Running was not my friend, and I was frequently one of the last recruits to finish group runs with our platoon. To be fair, I was a little pit bull when it came to everything else though. Just ask my defensive tactics partner ;-). Fast forward to 2007, when I found fitness in my late 20’s. I gained some weight through a combination of not exercising, working rotating patrol shifts, and eating fast food because that was what was convenient at work.In early 2007 I learned that I was selected for a temporary duty assignment assisting at the NH Police Academy. Despite my struggle with fitness as a recruit, I loved my time there and going back as a staff member was a long time goal of mine. I knew I needed to work hard on my fitness to set a great example for the recruits I would be working with.I started working out with the help of a personal trainer, and incorporated regular running into my weekly routine. By the time I started my temporary duty at the police academy, I was in better shape than when I was a recruit myself! Then I met Paul and everything changed. You see, he has a way of seeing the fitness potential in everyone, and pushing you to places you never thought were possible. He could see it all along BTW.We ran together. A LOT. I went from hating running, to realizing I wasn’t half bad at it, to running a marathon in 2008. I started realizing how great I felt both physically and mentaly when I exercised regularly. But I still got bored easily (still do hahahah) and we were always looking for the next best workout. And although we were running a lot, I didn’t feel strong. We tried lots of things, until we found CrossFit sometime around 2012. Back then, there were only 3 CrossFit affiliates in NH, and none were around us. We started doing the workouts in our garage and basement. And we instantly knew we found something amazing.The workouts were challenging but fun! CrossFit threw out all of the traditional gym “stuff” including spray tans and mirrors. It kept only the things that worked and it felt like a new game every day. It was like adult recess! And it WORKED...better than any other fitness program out there.When the first CrossFit opened in the town were were living in, we were the first people there to sign up. I loved that gym and that’s where I discovered the power of the group. Working hard and having fun in a room full of like minded people has an incredible power. Your friends and coaches help push you to work harder and show up every day. In 2015 we opened our own gym because we wanted to share this amazing thing that worked so well for us. And we wanted to help others improve their lives through fitness.Now in my 40’s, I am WAY stronger and fitter than my 21 year old self who struggled with fitness as a police recruit. And Paul is still the best there is at helping people realize their fitness potential. He can see it before our members even realize what's happening. That's one of the reasons he is an amazing coach. After coaching at our gym for 6 years I’m no slouch either lol. One of my favorite parts of being a CrossFit coach is watching the mental shift I see in our members as they get stronger. There is an incredible change that happens when you begin to realize your physical and mental strength. Paul and I, and all of our coaches, will help you find those places you never thought you could go. CrossFit changed our lives. And we want to help you change your life too. Start with a free, no-sales-pressure visit by booking here.

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