The Day of The DEAD(lift) Marathon

December 17, 2021
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Join us next Friday night, October 29th, for The Day of the DEAD(lift) Marathon! Test your might and hang with your ghoul squad. Lift in costume and you'll get entered into a prize drawing for a gift voucher good for $20 to EACH of these great brands: Born Primitive, 4 Sigmatic, O2, Puori and RPM (no minimum purchase necessary). We have 10 to give away! How it works: The Deadlift Marathon is an ascending ladder of deadlifts 1-2-3-4-5...all the way up to 20. At your bodyweight! The only rule is, once you pick it up for the set, you can’t put it down until you complete the set. Or you are out ;-). You can rest as long as needed. The winner of this event will have the shortest time, or make it the furthest into their sets. So don’t power nap between your sets! RX, Intermediate and Beginner standards are below. RX = all reps at bodyweight and full ROM. Intermediate = all reps at 75% of bodyweight and full ROM. Beginner = all reps at 50% of bodyweight and ROM modified as needed. Need some inspiration? Check out this video and article about Logan Aldridge, an adaptive athlete, who completed it with one arm! We will run two heats. One at 5:30pm and one at 6:15pm, but we will be filling spots as soon as they open. If you are in the second heat, and come early, we will put you on a list to be up next and message you when its your turn :-). Tuckermans has offered to stay open late for us, and you are welcome to hang out over there before and after your heat. Since we are implementing a waterfall start, we will be using a running clock. You will need to keep track of your start/end time and calculate your total time to complete the marathon. We hope you’ll join us for some fun and grit! And its always a great day when you lift heavy in costume! Sign up under EVENTS in your member portal.

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