Quick Guide to Eating Healthy on the Go

With a little planning and thought ahead of time, eating on the go can still be healthy and easy!
March 17, 2022
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Eating away from home doesn't have to be unleahtly! Consuming quality foods, in the correct amounts on a regular basis will definitely move you along the path to better health and fitness.  BUT sometimes life gets in the way!  With a little planning, you can stay on track while traveling, on a long road trip, or working a job that keeps you in the car.  Read on for my top tips to keep things healthy AND easy.

Eat a healthy meal first.

Planning to be on the go for several hours? Before you head out, eat a satisfying meal that includes protein, carbs and fats first, so you don’t find yourself hungry and hitting the drive through or convenience store for junk.

Make yourself a snack box.  This is one of my favorite tips.  And its not just for travel..  It works just as well for snacking at work, or snacks at home.  Having a container of healthy options ready to go means one less decision you need to make.  It can also mean the difference between making a healthy choice and giving in to the tempting junk that co-workers often bring to the office.

Start with a good size container with a lid. Fill with your favorite non-perishable healthy foods. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make a travel friendly salad. 

Grab a container and fill with leafy greens.  Throw in some chopped lean protein  (like tuna, salmon, egg, chicken, quinoa, etc.). Sprinkle with a few nuts/seeds for some healthy fats, and top your salad with a lemon wedge.   When you’re ready to eat, squeeze lemon juice into the salad, mix, and enjoy.

While Traveling out of town:  If you are going on vacation it can be tempting to eat out a LOT.  And also very expensive!  If you are like me, the first day or two is great, but my stomach starts getting very unhappy.  If you plan ahead, you can keep eating healthy meals, stay on track, AND still enjoy some meals out while you are away.  Consider a hotel room with a kitchenette, or an Air BNB with a kitchen.  This will give you much more control over your options and you can eat more like you normally would.  

Here are some other considerations while traveling:

With a little planning and thought ahead of time, eating on the go can still be healthy and easy!

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