Meet the Member! Buffie and Jon

Meet Buffie and Jon! Read on to hear how they found a common bond as a couple with CrossFit.
March 16, 2022
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Meet Buffie and Jonathan!   They are one of our amazing CrossFit couples!  They are both busy professionals with a house full of kids.  They discovered that CrossFit was something fun they could do together.  And Jon really likes the fact that he can be in and out in an hour. Read on to hear more from them about what its like to do CrossFit as a couple and the new common bond they found here.  

Buffie: I first came to CrossFit after doing home workouts on my own for several years. I was bored and not pushing myself as hard as I should. Also I missed weight lifting.

Jon: I was working out on my own and with a trainer at the gym. After Buffie started she encouraged me to join so we could do something together. I was excited about the fact I could be in and out in an hour.

We were both immediately impressed by how welcoming the community was, how knowledgeable the coaches were and just the overall atmosphere.


We now feel we are a part of a little family. We have met so many people and formed bonds for life! 

One of our first bright spots was doing a couples workout together. It was so much fun to be spending time together, having fun and getting fit.

Looking back we both would have started this journey sooner and we have definitely encouraged people we know to give it a try because it has changed our lives in so many positive ways!   

Being a CrossFit couple is great because we can compete with each other, support each other and encourage each other all in one hour! It has given us a common bond as a couple.

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