The 502: A Tribute Workout Honor Sgt. James Noyes

Embrace the spirit of community and remember a hero
September 25, 2023
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Join us on October 3rd for this year's special tribute workout and fundraising event, honoring the memory of our local hero, Sgt. James Noyes, New Hampshire State Police. Embrace the challenge and experience the workout that has defined police academy fitness for many years.

In the CrossFit realm, “Hero WODs” (Workout Of the Day) are a heartfelt tradition. These workouts honor our fallen soldiers, police officers, and first responders. The workout known as "The 502" was inaugurated in 2005 at the NH Police Academy in Concord. Sgt. Noyes’ son, Nate, who chose to walk in his father’s noble footsteps, curated this workout for the 138th Police Academy class. Since its inception, every subsequent academy class has been tested with this powerful routine:

The date, October 3, marks the fateful day in 1994 when Sgt. Noyes paid the ultimate sacrifice. The number "502" is a reverent nod to his badge number. An excerpt from the NH State Police memorial page reads:

"James Noyes, together with his beloved wife Debra, was a pillar of Madison, NH, raising their three children. Beyond his family commitments, James was deeply interwoven in the community fabric. From active involvement in school committees to coaching local sports teams, his influence was far-reaching. His absence has left an irreplaceable void in both his family and the community."

This year, we are encouraging donations to be made directly in Sgt. Noyes' honor to the Carroll County Child Advocacy Center. This esteemed organization serves the children in the MWV by providing crucial support and services to young victims and witnesses. Their unwavering efforts help initiate the healing process for affected children and ensure perpetrators face justice. Click here to donate:

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Embrace the spirit of community and remember a hero. Let's come together, work out, and make a difference.

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