Meet Jo! CrossFit Saved Her Life

December 17, 2021
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Meet Jo! CrossFit saved her life. And there was that one time she became a spider monkey. Read on to hear Jo’s own words about overcoming her fear of giving CrossFit a shot, and why she works hard at her fitness. “Crossfit has saved my life. I have a very painful spinal condition that had me couch bound, barely able to do my job and nothing else. I couldn't do the things I loved, I spent 5 years in severe pain, depressed, eating so poorly that I gained 50 pounds. Rita Kostecke and Charisse Hirschfeld dragged me to CrossFit, told me to get off my ass and fix myself. I couldn't do a push up, a sit up or jump rope with 2 feet at a time. I went through the beginner classes with Bethany Wright and Connor and immediately fell in love with them, not only did they quickly become my coaches but also my great friends. My first workout was the Granite Games (an online competition), I walked in as Mimi Wong was screaming through a set of really heavy split jerks. I was terrified! The warm up was done as a team and I was paired up with Sarah Baker, we had to piggyback run each other the length of the box and back! I said I'm sorry but I'm too heavy for you to carry, she replied "bitch please, get on my back"! I held on like a spider monkey and she sprinted me all over that box, she also took my turn as I couldn't carry a fly! I did the workout and didn't die! (Disclaimer: we don’t normally carry each other. That was a special event lol)I came back and became a 5:30am regular. We had a great group and I was hooked! I quickly progressed and remember the first time Connor Wright called me an athlete! I said, oh I am no athlete, but he convinced me that I was. I have since done things physically that I never even dreamed of doing! I have had some consistency problems, mostly due to weird medical issues such as contracting pertussis and having gigantic kidney stones but I always come back. Connor and Julie have desperately tried to help me change my eating habits which have proven to be tough to beat (still trying guys). At my best I could do 20 inch box jumps but never without Paul spotting me, he is a Saint for putting up with my weird fears. I asked him what would happen if I was never comfortable jumping without him there, he replied that he would always be there. I have met so many strong, wonderful, inspiring people that have become good friends, they don't judge me for being afraid of rubber bands and always offer support. I have had some tough times recently and in usual fashion this group has stepped up! Charisse is always making sure I go to class, Lisa unfailing walks with my doggies after class, Erin Perry laughs at my ridiculous unfiltered jokes, and Kate goes swimming with me (which has become my favorite post workout activity). Kate Stallmann has been such a supportive buddy, we share a love of dogs and try to encourage each other to eat healthy! Last night she brought me dinner at 8pm after a long day of work just because I was feeling icky, I love you buddy. Thank you to every single person at Swift River, you are my rock! We've got this!”CrossFit changed Jo’s life in amazing ways. With a little push from friends who were already members, she made the leap. Sometimes everything you are looking for lies outside of your comfort zone. If you are ready to take the leap, our team is ready to help.

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