How to Start a Fitness Routine in 2021

December 17, 2021
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Do you feel like every January there’s so much noise about how to get your fitness going? It seems like this year, there is even more. I talk to a LOT of people about fitness and the great thing about 2020 was it taught us that we NEED to make our health a priority, with habits that will stick.If you Google “how to start a workout routine,” you’ll see some great advice from some legit resources.For example, the Mayo Clinic has five steps for you, (with instructions) including:1. Assess fitness level. 2. Design program. 3. Assemble equipment. 4. Start. 5. Monitor progress.We’re not going to argue with the Mayo Clinic! But those five steps are not really simple, and most people don’t know how to assess fitness. Even fewer know how to design a program and monitor progress. These things can become instant road blocks to creating a habit you can live with.And while you can start a program with minimal equipment, fitness equipment isn’t cheap. And its not always easy to come by right now. You want to make the right decision. But what do you buy? More potential road blocks.Let’s be clear: We want you to start a fitness habit in 2021, and ANY activity is better than no activity. You can literally start with a short daily walk. Increase the distance a little every day, and you’ll see some progress!But the Mayo Clinic list and other articles like it, put a lot of pressure on you to research, plan, buy and assess. That can be totally overwhelming! We know this because a lot of our current clients came to us after trying to go it alone. Our clients love the fact that we have everything planned out for them! All they have to do is show up and work hard.We’re going to simplify the Mayo Clinic list for you: All you have to do is work on Number 4.Just start by coming to talk to us. No workout needed. Just a talk. That’s it (and its free 😊) Forget all the other stuff that can get complicated. You’re in charge of Number 4 only. We’ve got everything else covered!We Can Help You Start Working Out!We are experts in assessing fitness level, providing a great program and monitoring results. We do that for our clients every single day.We also have all the equipment you’ll ever need to get great results. But our REAL super power is making fitness fun.What’s not fun is trying to figure it out on your own. Do you ask yourself am I doing this right? Is this working? It’s like trying to put together Ikea furniture without the directions and you are missing some of the pieces (we love their meat balls! But I digress…)We promise to completely eliminate the frustration, make it easy to finally make fitness a habit, and help you move toward your goals. We’ll even tell you how you’ll know you’re making progress—and how to speed things up.The Mayo Clinic is right: “Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health.” We’ll help you finally make it a habit you can live with.But you don’t have to figure out what to do and buy a bunch of gear. All you have to do is click [HERE] and book an appointment to talk with us!Inspired by Two-Brain Business and Two-Brain Media.

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