What's Next (June and July 2019)

December 17, 2021
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The Murph Challenge is going down tomorrow! But we have some other great stuff planned for our members for the summer.

RED WOD Wednesdays

Beginning the week after Murph, we will be honoring other heroes every Wednesday, leading up to Independence Day. We have selected several hero WODs that will be our regular programming on those days. Some of them are very accessible to everyone, some are going to be a mutha….The intent is to Remember Everyone Deployed (RED), as we bridge the gap between the two holidays. RED WODs will conclude with the 1778 WOD on July 3rd, and we will be closed July 4th.

Sally Challenge (are you Sally enough to give it a go?)

In June we will be running the Sally Push-up Challenge, thanks to the creative mind of Ben Brown (you can thank him in your own special way later ;-). Here’s how the challenge works. During the first week of June, we will be programming push-up Sally as an “after party.” You will be asked to write your total reps. At the end of June, we will re-test. Anyone who gets a PR after doing both days will be entered in a prize drawing for a custom RX Smart Gear jump rope. Click the name for a hyperlink to the product. Trust us, they are sweeeet! We will randomly select one male and one female prize winner, who will get to customize their rope.

Personal Best Week

In July, we will be running a Personal Best Week. For each workout posted, we will be asking you to pick small goals within the workout that will help you accomplish something you have never done before. For example, if the workout calls for 50 wallballs, your goal might be to do 50 unbroken (if you have never done it before), or if the workout calls for 10 pullups, your goal might be to use a smaller band than you have ever used. The goal of Personal Best Week is to intentionally work outside of your comfort zone, and learn to identify small moments within WODs where you can push the intensity to help propel you toward larger, long term goals.PS We want you to celebrate ALL of your victories (always!).It's going to be a great summer here at Swift River CrossFit!

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