2021 4-Week Nutrition Challenge (Members)

December 17, 2021
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Goodbye 2020! Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Transitions can be a great time for you to reflect on the past, internalize some lessons learned, and make a fresh start. Why do we run nutrition challenges in January? Because it is a time that our brains are ready and excited for change.Make no mistake, this is NOT a diet. And its not meant to be a short term, New Years resolution. We will be working on building solid, common sense, healthy eating habits, that you can live with for the long term. AND, before the challenge starts, we are going to take a deep dive into your "why." Remembering your "why" is one of the things that will keep you going on days that you are not motivated. (Don't worry, you don't have to share you why with the group. Unless you want to.)


We will have a pre-challenge week to get prepared for what is coming. Once the challenge starts, we will focus on one habit per week, and there will be weekly bonus challenges and recipe suggestions. We will also have a private, challenge group app, for help with community, motivation and adherence (that is also where we will be posting the recipes and tips). All of the weekly habits and challenges are simple, and 100% doable for anyone. When we build upon simple habits amazing things can happen over time.


Upgrade to Challenge Plus, and you will also receive:In-person (or telephone if you prefer) pre-challenge and post-challenge meeting with your coach.DAILY check-ins to help with accountabilityChat with your coach through our app any time you are struggling, for personalized tips and strategies.

How to Win the Challenge

We can ALL win the challenge! You win by eating better, feeling better and building habits you can live with. BUT...yes, we ARE giving away a prize. The person with the greatest adherence and bonus points will win their choice of a one month subscription to Hello Fresh, Purple Carrot OR two months of ongoing nutrition coaching.


The Pre-Challenge Week begins on Sunday January 17th. This is a very important week, so be sure to sign up before then. Week 1 kicks off on the 25th and the challenge will end on Sunday the 24th, and we end the challenge on February 27th (just in time to feel GREAT for The CrossFit Open!!!)


Challenge: $65Challenge PLUS: $99Click the links below to register. If you are signing up for Challenge Plus, your coach will be in touch soon to schedule your pre-challenge meeting. These links are for current members and on-line members only. There will be a separate challenge group for non-members.We can't wait to see you in the challenge group with us! Click one of the links below to register.Click HERE to register for Challenge PLUS Click HERE to register for Challenge

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