Your Path to DEKA Mastery Starts Here: DEKA Prep Course

Step into your next Deka event with confidence, equipped with strategies for solo or team participation! 
February 20, 2024
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Our DEKA STRONG event is coming right here, to Conway, NH on April 21!  Get ready to absolutely CRUSH it, with our 4 Week DEKA Prep Course, with our very own DEKA World Championship Competitors, Coach Jess and Coach April!

This course if for anyone who:

Wants to improve their DEKA score

Wants to participate in their first DEKA and get in some practice time

Wants to make a run for DEKA Worlds in their age group!

Coach April and Coach Jess have cooked up a great course to help you

understand and excell in the dynamic world of Deka.

What Are Deka Events?

Deka events are meticulously crafted benchmark workouts that challenge participants across a broad spectrum of physical abilities. They feature 10 standardized fitness zones,  built on three foundational pillars of fitness—strength and power, anaerobic conditioning, and endurance. These events offer an amazing way to measure progress, celebrate achievements, compete with others in your own age group and set new fitness goals, irrespective of one's fitness level.  Heres a peek at our DEKA STRONG event last January!

Course Overview

Our 4-week course is structured to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to power through Deka's 10 Fitness Zones with agility, strength, and efficiency. With this course you will:

Who Should Enroll?

Whether you aim to set a personal record, participate in your first Deka event, make it to DEKA Worlds, or simply wish to elevate your overall fitness, this course has something for you!

The details:

*March 25th - April19th

*Monday/Wednesday 7:00pm

*Cost: $135

Register here or in your member app under MEMBERSHIPS

Step into your next Deka event with confidence, equipped with strategies for solo or team participation!  By the end of this course, you'll not only be ready to tackle the Deka Zones head-on but will also have a deeper understanding of your own physical capabilities.

Earn your mark.

Celebrate your victories.

Set new goals.

Your path to DEKA mastery starts here.

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