Why We Start with a No Sweat Intro

December 17, 2021
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Imagine you want to join a gym…you go there, someone at the desk shows you around. They show you the weights, the treadmills, the squat machine. Then they show you the prices and ask you to sign up. With a year commitment…. This is how things can go at a big box gym. You know, the ones that charge you $9.99 per month. But here’s the thing. Their entire model is built on the assumption that you won’t show up. And they charge you a small amount. Just small enough so you won’t cancel your membership, even though you don’t go. If half of all of the members showed up in one day, it wouldn’t work! There would be no place to put anyone. Or lines out the door for the treadmills.Now imagine you want to join a gym...you make an appointment to come in and chat with a coach. Before you arrive, someone from the gym sends you a message to let you know they are excited to meet you. When you get there, the coach greets you at the door and knows your name. You get to see the facility and then you sit and chat about your goals. We use the No Sweat Intro process because we want to get to know every single person who joins our gym, so we can help you reach your goals. That starts with understanding what brought you to us, what your goals are and why. Like REALLY why. After we get to know more about you, we recommend the path that will be best for YOU.. That might be group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, online coaching or any combination of these. Most people need to eat better and/or move more. There are lots of ways to get there! And we will help you find the best one for your lifestyle. Oh and that year commitment? We dont have one. We want you to work hard, have fun and reach your goals. Period. We also don’t want to collect your money and never see you again. We WANT you to show up. Regularly. We even call and check in with you when we haven't seen you in a while. And we’ll give you some good natured ribbing when we see you again. We aren’t your typical gym. And this isnt your typical workout. Come see the difference for yourself! Book a No Sweat Intro today.

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