What to Eat Before Murph

December 17, 2021
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Murph is almost here! With about 70 of our members doing it this year, this is our biggest event ever! Here are some tips on fueling for this challenging but rewarding workout.Tip #1: DON'T eat or drink anything you have not tried before the big day. Game day is not the time to go experimenting. If you are going to use pre-WOD, or a protein drink or aminos, or whatever, stick with what you know your stomach will be ok with. Your GI tract will thank you later :-)Tip #2: Eat a sensible, well balanced meal the night before, consisting of protein, carbs and fats. You don't need to carbo load. So don't use Murph as a reason to eat a ton of pizza. BUT, carbs are the most readily available source of energy for your body. Eating some sensible carbs the night before will give your body time to digest them and make them readily available. I also recommend staying away from sugary desserts the night before, and high sodium foods. Both can affect your heart's efficiency in doing what it needs to do in a high intensity workout. You can celebrate with a PR donut after.Tip #3: If you are going to do the workout in a fasted state, drink some BCAA’s before and during the workout. This will give your body a little bit of protein to keep the motor running, and buffer workout fatigue.Tip #4: If you don’t normally eat before a workout, but your Murph heat is at a later time than your normal, you may want to eat a little something 3 hours out from your heat time. Unless you have a cast iron stomach, I don’t recommend eating a full meal within 3 hours of Murph. This same day meal should include protein and carbs, but NO fats. Fats take longer for the body to digest. Your body would be working away to digest the fats, rather than working on supplying your with the energy you need for the workout.Tip #5: If you are in a later heat, and feel like you need a little boost before the workout, consider a protein shake mixed with simple carbs half an hour before your workout. The simpler the better. Remember, carbs are the most readily available source of energy for the body and simple carbs are digested quickly. Quick energy from simple sugars will be more readily available to you than slower digesting carbs like whole grain bread or sweet potato. A good rule of thumb is 25g of protein to 25g of carbs. Some examples are: a scoop of protein powder plus a tablespoon of Nesquick, or a scoop of protein powder mixed with Body Armor LITE. Tip #6: Post WOD recovery. After the workout, your body WANTS more simple carbs and protein to rebuild muscle and replenish your glycogen stores. We will have free samples of Driven Nutrition whey protein and Driven Nutrition Post WOD for everyone to try after the workout. Bring your blender bottles! As always, we will be firing up the grill around 11:30, and SRCF will provide all the meats! Feel free to bring some food for the cookout. It's always a great day to hang out and enjoy our SRCF family after a tough workout. Tuckermans has offered the use of their lawn and their chairs, and they are going to open up early for tasty beverages. But please respect their liquor license and keep the beers on Tuckermans grounds.See you all Saturday!

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