Meet Jaime!

She lost 50 pounds and added 100 pounds to her deadlift! 
March 17, 2023
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Meet Jaime! A busy entrepreneur (she owns a bakery!), boss and mom. She's lost 50 pounds since joining SRCF! And she's gained so much strength that she added 100 pounds to her max deadlift. But even more amazing that that, she has a TON more energy for her busy and often physical job. Read more about Jaime's experience in her own words below.

What are you most proud of since you started?

- I started Crossfit November of 2022. I've always been an athlete but this was the first time I've felt like an athlete since I played sports over 15 years ago before college. In May, I started to really go consistently 3-5 days a week, and changed my diet completely. I lost 40 lbs in 3 months, the healthy way. I did about 80 classes last year and my goal is 200 for 2023. Not one class went by that I didn't leave there feeling so proud of myself that I accomplished that work out. They are tough workouts! It takes a bit, even with an athletic background, for my body to get used to it. I always worked out on my own, but this is completely different and much more challenging, which is what I wanted! Many classes, if I was doing it on my own and not being so positively encouraged by my fellow classmates and coaches, I would have stopped. I know it.

I'm so proud I got truly back into shape, dropped weight I've been wanting to drop for 5 years, and that I challenge my body every class.

How has adding a focus on nutrition changed things?

Adding nutrition has taught me how to have a more balanced diet throughout the day and the importance of consistency with my healthy choices, and how it truly affects my energy level.

How has life outside of the gym changed?

I own a business and am also in the event industry. On a daily basis, i am thinking of 20 or more events and so many details. Since I joined, I just feel so much more sharp and ready for life. In every way. More motivation, drive and determination. I'm a better boss, wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc. I truly believe that.

Body wise, typically after my sometimes 18 hour days and stretches of weeks being on my feet, I can barely walk! Carrying heavy racks of glassware and heavy decor items for events, usually rocks me. This past wedding season, my staff kept saying how I was unstoppable. I was up and ready for the delay the next day, not sore and just very ready to handle that level of work. Never in my career have I felt that way after these long days.

Everything feels easier and more manageable.

What made you decide to give us a try and what would you say to someone thinking of joining?

A friend had recently lost weight and really gotten in shape. I found out she had gotten very into Crossfit. At the time, my best friend and I were going to the gym on our own and I really needed a change. I was always very successful at  group classes in the past. And lifting and doing the things we do at crossfit was very intriguing to me. So I gave it a shot! And it clicked for me instantly. It's the perfect workout experience for who I am. I absolutely love lifting and it's a hobby of mine. I'm far from a pro here, it's just really fun and I make serious progress weekly!

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