The Intramural Open

December 17, 2021
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ITS TIME! (read that in your best UFC announcer voice ;-)

The CrossFit World Wide Open begins on October 10th and we are PUMPED! We have always loved the magic that happens during the Open. Loads of PR’s, community spirit at an all time high, loads of fist bumps and Swift River love.

Official Registration is Open!

You can sign up now for the World Wide Open by clicking HERE. Please also enter #srcf in your custom hash tags so we can see all of you easily.

Our Intramural Open

This year, we are kicking it up a notch with the Intramural Open. Think WOD Meisters (or the houses of Hogwarts) meets The Open. There is no fee to play, instead we want to encourage every single member to officially sign up for the World Wide Open and post to the official leader board . Meanwhile, our in-house scoring system is NOT based on your performance on any of the events. The scoring system is outlined below and is based on pure awesomeness!

How it Works

There will be 4 teams, led by Team Captains. The Captain's job will be to encourage participation and fun! Good natured trash talk and memes are highly encouraged. The Team Captains were nominated at our last coaches meeting, and will be receiving an email from Aimee this week.On Sept. 27th we will draft everyone who is already officially registered for the Open into each of the 4 teams. After that, open recruiting begins! Team Captains and team members can recruit any member of the gym for their team. Bribing and coercion is recommended (lol). Stealing is allowed. We will have a running list of teams and members posted in the gym after the draft on the 27th.All of the fun and games will take place on Friday nights beginning at 5:30pm. We will still program the Open WOD as the workout of the day. You can still grab points for your team even if you can’t make it Friday night. See scoring below.

Scoring Details

Here is the scoring system. There will also be other, surprise opportunities to earn points throughout the 5 weeks, as well as a top secret 6th WOD that will be unique to us (trust us, its gonna be epic!). Scoring will be set up to run in Sugar WOD in a separate track that will have a running leader-board attached. More on how to do that later.0 points: for how you finish in the rankings1 point: for doing the workout in a regularly scheduled class1 point: for entering your score on games.crossfit.com1 point: for posting yourself or your teammates on social media (outside of our private FB group). Be sure to tag/hashtag us to receive credit (limited to one point per day) and mention the Open1 point for posting on social media with a mention of our sponsors (to be announced later) and mention the Open (one point per day)1 point: head to head bonus. Duel an opponent from another team! Winner of the WOD gets the bonus point for their team. Must perform the workout together, judged by one of our coaches, and most importantly...looking into each other’s eyes ev-er-y single rep!2 points: cheer on your friends at the 5:30pm Friday Night Lights class and stay for some party/hangout time with your CrossFit tribe3 points for doing the workout at Friday Night Lights and stay for party/hang out time (buzzing in and buzzing out does not count)3 points Spirit of the Games (individual) Judged by a comprehensive, biased group of CrossFit coaches at the end of each week5 Points Spirit of the Games (team). Judged by the same group of biased coaches mentioned above. This may or may not be awarded every week. Let’s see how magical you guys can get.-5 points. You didn’t sign up for the Open or Intramural? But you want to crash the party without bringing beer or food? (Actually we can't deduct points if you didn’t sign up can we?) Just kidding , join the party but don’t come empty handed ;-)

Week 1

We are hosting a kickoff party! We will have a DJ and post WOD food and maybe some adult beverages. This is also your first chance to score surprise bonus points. The kickoff party is an 80’s theme party! 1 bonus point to anyone who wears something 80’s themed.

Week 2 and 3

These will be a little more low key. More info to come.

Week 4

Week 4 will be a Halloween party with a surprise fundraiser activity for a local non-profit. 1 bonus point if you wear a costume.

Week 5

Week 5 will be a wrap up, final tallying of points and awards

It’s going to be a 5 week whirlwind celebration of fitness and community. And damn are we going to have some fun!

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