Meet the Coach Monday: Suzie

December 17, 2021
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Meet Suzie. She’s one of our new coaches and her energy and passion for fitness is contagious!

She’s excited to start taking new clients for personal training. Schedule a No Sweat Intro with her today!

How did you find CrossFit?

I was introduced to CrossFit through good friends attending the Swift River CrossFit location. Their excitement about the daily workouts was contagious, and it was clear something extraordinary was going on. At the time, I was curious about strength training and wanted to start lifting weights, but I needed more direction. Looking back, I would have been lost without the coaching, group led classes and the community encouragement that CrossFit offered.

What do you love about CrossFit?

I love how CrossFit workouts vary to impact various components of one's health, whether it’s building strength, learning a new skill or increasing endurance. I personally love kipping movements, rowing, and everything barbells and stretching. My CrossFit routine keeps me healthy and fit to truly enjoy my life. I leave class every time feeling such a sense of accomplishment that invigorates me for the rest of my day.

With CrossFit I began experiencing benefits to my overall health immediately, which was incredibly inspiring. It has exposed me to a whole new way to experience excellent workouts. I find it easy to stay motivated in classes that move in unison, and where others cheer one another along. The ever changing pairing of cardio, along with weightlifting, and gymnastic movements keeps things really fun! There's always a new challenge and goal ahead! One of the very best parts of my CrossFit lifestyle is that my kids think I’m so strong and cool and I love that I'm setting such a positive example for them. Why do you love being a coach?

Becoming a coach with SRCF has been a great experience. Honestly, I am honored to connect more deeply with my community and help others achieve their personal fitness goals. I became a coach because I wanted to try something new that was consistent with my values. I've always been passionate about athletics, and I genuinely believe in cultivating healthy lifestyles to achieve optimal health. I trust wholeheartedly that movement is medicine! This is where my passion lies. I became a certified personal trainer in 2018 and recently received my CrossFit L1. I'm so excited to further my own health journey, and I'm thrilled to support others on their journey as well.

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