Kicking Rocks Off the Mountain

December 17, 2021
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The 50 sit-ups you do in the workout today won't give you 6 pack abs when you wake up tomorrow morning. Eating half a plate of veggies at dinner tonight wont result in you being 5 pounds lighter tomorrow, and sleeping an extra half an hour tonight probably wont provide long term happiness.BUT...Small daily habits, accumulated and performed consistently over time WILL move you toward your goal. In fact, these small, sustainable changes over time are the BEST way to improve your health and fitness.Imagine a person kicking rocks off a mountain several times a day. At the end of the year, the mountain will be smaller. If you kick one rock off the mountain daily, its going to take a very long time to make your mountain smaller. But if you kick several rocks each day, and over time add more flying rocks, you have created a rock kicking habit that will sustainably accelerate you toward your goal.Now, if you go to you mountain on the first day and kick rocks for two hours, the chances of you going back the next day aren’t great. Kicking rocks makes you sore! And your feet hurt! But, if the first week you kick one rock per day and when you are ready you kick two rocks per day, you can create a sustainable rock kicking habit.So, what does all this metaphorical rock kicking have to do with health and fitness? It is RARELY one, short term change that will lead you to your goals. BUT, small daily habits compounding on each other can lead to amazing results over the long term.Your workout today wont magically give you abs tomorrow, but consistently working out at a high intensity several times per week will add up over the next year. Eating more vegetables and fewer carbs will speed up your progress. So will getting better sleep, reducing stress and drinking more water. Trying to add all those great habits at once can be overwhelming. Just like kicking rocks for two hours right out of the gate. The key is to start with ONE small habit you can live with. Once the habit becomes part of our routine, add the next one. Picture what your health and fitness will be like one year from now! Slow and steady is the key! Be patient with yourself :-)Not sure which rocks to kick? Schedule a No Sweat Intro today and talk with one of our coaches about how to get started.

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