Have You Found Your Tribe?

December 17, 2021
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It’s been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.Seth Godin says, “One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of like-minded people. We are drawn to leaders and to their ideas, and we can’t resist the rush of belonging and the thrill of the new.”COVID restrictions and lock down have taught us a lot about our human need for connection, and our desire to be around others. Lockdown was nerve wracking for a lot of us. Including gym owners. Pelotons were selling like hotcakes, so were dumbbells and pretty much everything fitness related. People were building out their garage gyms and hunkering down. The months came and went.We are not out of this pandemic yet, but people are ready to return, and now, more than ever need human connection. People want to be around “their” people again and small gyms like ours are starting to come back to life. Having a small gym with a structure like ours means we have a limited number of members, not hundreds and hundreds like traditional “globo gyms”. Because of our smaller numbers, we know exactly who is coming in and out every single day, and we have taken a ton of precautions that traditional gyms may not be able to take. Before COVID, we knew there is a difference when you’re in the gym in person. But lockdown really hammered it home. The feeling of the energy from the people around you in the room. The sounds of controlled chaos. Your friends and your coaches pushing you to achieve things you never thought were possible.Workouts in the garage at 5:00am are not the same as being in the gym surrounded by your tribe. And you can’t feel the same energy working out through a computer screen.There is something amazing about a group of people that suffer and sweat together. Tribes of all kinds are important because:-Life will have its difficult times. Inevitably you will make mistakes and you will fall. Your tribe (and your coaches) will help you pick yourself up.-There will be things that you don’t WANT to do (but should do), or don’t believe you CAN do.. Having a tribe means having people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself at those moments.Have you found your tribe? You have to be a member to be part of ours, but ANYONE can join in. This isn’t your typical gym, where you walk in and no one speaks to you or makes eye contact. Our coaches and members are incredibly welcoming, supportive and they are ready to believe in YOU.Are you ready to get started? Click HERE to come chat with a coach to see if we are what you have been looking for.

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