December 17, 2021
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Whether you took a break during the COVID lock-down, or you are coming back from an injury, your mindset can either propel you to new heights or lead to a lot of frustration. In reality you will probably have both, but ultimately, you are driving the bus when it comes to which you will have more of. Being mentally prepared can give you the edge you need to drive in the right direction.In the past two years, I have returned to the gym after two wrist surgeries. Here are some words of wisdom about coming back to the gym after an extended break. These are all tough conversations I had to have with myself during each of my recoveries (and I still have to have them some days). But I hope this can help some of you too.✅ Don’t listen to your ego. Most of us have not been using barbells or doing pull-ups or any of the shiny things we love. We all need to ease back in to those things so we don’t sustain injuries that will keep us out even longer. Some days this is easier said than done. And some days may be frustrating. So when your inner ego voice rears it’s head, tell it to shut up 😈. It will all come back with time Trust me, I know.

✅ Return with a beginners mind. When you learn something the second or third time around, you pick up little things you missed the first time around.✅ give yourself a PR reset. Don’t even look at your old PR’s for a couple of months. When we are new to CrossFit almost every day is PR city. Give yourself permission to start new. Pretend you are just starting out again and Think of each day as a post lock-down PR. You will be able to understand your progress and see that you are moving in the right direction.✅ If you are returning post-injury, you CAN get great workout while following any any physical restrictions your doctor may have given you. A creative coach can help keep you moving in the right direction.✅ Be patient with yourself. I know the things you would say to encourage the person next to you. That’s how your inner dialog should sound too. Our target is increased health and fitness at a distant horizon. We don’t need to rush. There is plenty of time to get where we want to be 🌞

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