Jess Pashos

Jess Pashos

CF L2 Trainer, Kids + Teens Trainer


CrossFit L2 Trainer
USAW L1 Certification
CrossFit Gymnastics

About The Coach

Growing up, I played a variety of team sports and started doing strength and conditioning training in middle school as preparation specifically for tennis. While I ended up focusing on field hockey and softball through college, I eventually noticed that my favorite part about playing team sports was training with my friends, rather than the specific sports themselves. After school was over, I ended up coaching field hockey at Tufts University for 3 years, and during that time, my roommate who was also a field hockey coach asked if I wanted to give CrossFit a try. One class and I was hooked in the "I'll-wake-up-at-4:30am-to-do-this-every-day" kinda way.

Turning Point

About 5 years into CrossFit, I earned the opportunity to move abroad for a few years to open my company's European headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. At the time of my move, fitness was a big part of my life, and I had transitioned from being a field hockey coach to coaching CrossFit. Unfortunately, coaching jobs were more limited in the Netherlands, and from a time perspective, I "hardly had enough time left to work out" myself, so I stopped coaching. 2 years later, I experienced remote work, and not much changed. Even being at home all day, every day, despite working out being my favorite "hobby" and no longer needing to commute into an office building, I STILL wasn't prioritizing my own health and fitness. Once things started to reopen, I started working out with a personal trainer, eventually made the decision to move back to the States, and started to build the time I spent on my career around fitness, and not the other way around. Once I officially made the move to MWV, I started working with Coach Aimee on dialing in my nutrition and kept a very consistent gym schedule. From there, my life really took a turn for the absolute best and I'm forever thankful to have found CrossFit in the first place, now over 10 years ago!

Motivation & Passion

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life because it was accessible to me - I learned very early on how to move safely in a gym and because of that, I always felt at least moderately confident in any sort of fitness setting. Even as my routine throughout the years has ebbed and flowed, I always was able to find myself returning to all the long-term benefits that fitness has to offer. This is what I hope to inspire in others. Life changes all of the time, but there are always ways to incorporate an active routine into your life. I love working with individuals of all ages, from kids and teens to adults of any age, to create a foundation of that they can continue to build upon through ever-changing circumstances. Whether training for sport or working out to make small pieces of daily life easier, there is always something for everyone and I am dedicated to being here to help individuals find it!

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