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December 17, 2021
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Happy New Year! We have new membership options to make it even easier to get fit with us in 2021! From an in-gym upgrade that includes regular PT skill sessions, to online coaching, to a combo of the two, we have three great new choices to keep you moving.Recent studies are showing that gyms are one of the least likely places for the spread of COVID (click here to read one of them). That's great news! Your health and fitness is a protective barrier against disease and it is more important now than ever to keep building that up. We know that some people are still apprehensive about being in public places, and that is why we created these first two options.


This membership is 100% online and this is a great option if you can't make it into the gym. We have been doing online training with several members since March and we have learned a ton! The major value in online training is regular access to your coach, accountability through check-ins on your workout days, and your coach tailoring the workout to your own needs. The more you communicate with your coach, the more you value you will get out of this membership. We love questions, and we love helping you reach your goals!


This membership is perfect for a few different scenarios: 1) You want the accountability and coaching but don't want to be in a gym with a group of people 2) You can't make our regular class times more than once a week and want to combine at home training with either group class or personal training. With this membership, you can choose between group class + online training OR personal training + online training.


This membership is an upgrade for our existing memberships and consists of 12x per month group classes PLUS two 1/2 hour personal training skill sessions per month. This is perfect for the beginner who wants to continue working 1:1 with their group coach or is still very unsure about some of the movements in class. It is also perfect for the more advanced member who has specific goals and wants to dial in some higher level skills.


Our nutrition coaching service is back! But we are taking a little bit different approach. Your nutrition coach will calculate your specific macros (the specific amount of protein, carbs and fat) that you should eat for your specific goals. This requires a 3 month commitment to nutrition coaching. The first month with include daily check-ins with your coach for help with accountability, regular adjustments to macros if needed, and tips and tactics to help you along the way.All of our regular memberships are still available too! 12 visits per month, or Unlimited.If you are interested in any of these options, please message Aimee directly at

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