Its Baaack!!! Swolemate Games VI!

Our FAN FAVORITE event is back and better than ever!!!
March 5, 2023
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Swolemates is our annual in-house competition and after a 2 year hiatus due to
the pandemic, our FAN FAVORITE event is back and better than ever!!! This is a
same sex partner competition with RX, scaled, and masters divisions (age 50+).

If you’re unfamiliar with what a CrossFit competition is, don’t fret! It’s a one day event
that will occur on April 15 th and you can really just consider it a day where we
have multiple WODs instead of one. There will be scheduled heats, rest in
between and TONS of support from your fellow boxmates! Need a little
motivation as to why you should find a partner and sign up? Here’s 5 reasons

1. You will LEARN something about yourself – no doubt a CrossFit competition is
daunting, can be intimidating and just thinking about it is likely already pushing
you out of your comfort zone. But OUT of our comfort zones is where we GROW,
where we get stronger, both mentally and physically. Sure, the weaknesses could
be revealed but we also discover strengths we didn’t know we had and THAT is
what we should be focusing on.

2.  You will be INSPIRED – it is the most amazing thing to witness people do the
things they think they can’t or watch them break through limits they maybe have
put on themselves. Whether it’s the slender looking girl who throws up serious
weight (I’m looking at you, Grace!) the masters athlete pushing himself to the
limit on toes to bar (hello, Tad!), or 6 months pregnant Keri who’s climbing the
rope for multiple reps!!! When we can witness firsthand their incredible
determination and grit, it no doubt fuels the fire within ourselves to get over our
fears and push our own internal limits.

3.  You will inspire OTHERS – you just never know who has their eye on you. YOU
could be the inspiration for someone else.

4.  You will increase your CrossFit knowledge. Hey, we have a lot of movements
in our beloved sport of CrossFit, am I right?! Will you avoid a class when you see
it includes snatches, pullups or pistols, for example?? When you participate in a
competition, we are exposed to many different movements in one day. You’ll
watch others execute those movements and by competing, you have to do them
as well. Sure, there will be scaled options as there always is but by signing up to
compete, you can’t cherry pick your workout.
..and most importantly….

5. You might just kick some butt!!!!

Okay, enough reading – go grab your box buddy, chalk up, and step up to
compete in Swolemates VI. This is a time of camaraderie, grit and a celebration of
all of your hard work!!

Swolemates VI is Saturday April 15th with check in beginning at 8am and the first
WOD dropping at 9am. Expect 3 WODs and a floater with top 4 teams in each division competing in the finale!

Registration is $65 per partner and if you register by
March 20th, included is a commemorative t-shirt! Head to your member app under EVENTS to commit now!

Let’s do this!

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