2023 Top 10 Christmas Gifts for CrossFitters

Go RX and share this list with that special someone who has been asking what to get you for the holidays :-)
November 14, 2023
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Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the CrossFitter in your life doesn’t have to be as daunting as their daily WODs. SRCF to the rescue! We've compiled a list of our top gift ideas that will definitely earn you a PR in their hearts.

1. Customized Jump Rope

A personalized jump rope is a must-have for any CrossFitter. It's a simple way to add a personal touch to their workout routine and it can make those jumprope workouts a bit easier.  For beginners, we recommend a little bit heavier rope, to give more feedback while jumping.  More experienced jumpers will benefit from a fast, bearing type speed rope.

For beginners:  https://www.rxsmartgear.com/jump-ropes/customfit/

For more seasoned jumpers:  surge-speed-jump-rope

2. High-Quality Lifting Shoes

Support your loved one’s passion for lifting with a pair of durable, high-quality lifting shoes. They offer stability, support and sometimes added mobility for all those heavy lifts.  The two brands we recommend are:

Nike  Romaelos:   https://www.nike.com/w?q=Romaleos&vst=Romaleos

Reebok Legacy Lifter:  https://www.reebok.com/p/100033339/legacy-lifter-iii-women-s-weightlifting-shoes

3. Fitness Subscription Box

Surprise them with a subscription box that delivers fresh fitness gear monthly. It's the gift that keeps on giving!  Lots of our members subscribe to the two below.  

Barbella Box (women specific): https://www.barbellabox.com/

Fit Boxx: https://www.thefitboxx.com/

4. Versatile Gym Bag

Every CrossFitter needs a spacious and sturdy gym bag to carry their gear. Look for one with compartments to store shoes, clothes, and other essentials.  The new kid on the block is the bag from CrossFit Games Sponsor, Haven Athletics.  If you have a CrossFitter in your life who loves organizing, this is THE bag.


5. Mobility Tools

We all get a little sore, and need to take care of those muscles.  The top tools I recommend ALL the time are scraping tools, and percussive massagers.  If you have sore feet, tight ankles or tight forearms, scraping tools are a game changer.  The one linked below is the one I personally use.  A good percussive massager is great for those days that stretching just isnt enough for tight hamstrings and quads.

Scraping:  https://sidekicktool.com/products/curve-muscle-reliever

Percussive Massage: https://www.therabody.com/us/en-us/theragun-mini.html

6. Pull-up Grips

That pull-up bar can be super slippery and can cause some crazy ripped hands.  A good pair of grips solves both problems!  But a GREAT pair of grips is something special!  These grips are a favorite at our gym and are SO grippy.  I felt like a fly on fly paper the first time I used them!  Go for the ones designated as No Chalk.


7. Performance Tracker

A smartwatch or wearable designed for fitness can help track workouts, heart rate, sleep quality, recovery, and monitor progress.  Our athletes love data!  One of the things I personally love about the Garmin, is the Live Track safety feature.  If Im running alone, Paul gets a live track of my location.

Whoop is also a very popular tracker with our coaches, and focuses exclusively on recovery and improved performance.  It tracks data around sleep and body stress and helps make decisions for better recovery.

Garmin:  https://www.garmin.com/en-US/p/866139/pn/010-02776-10

Whoop:  https://www.whoop.com/us/en/the-data/

8. Weight Lifting Belt

We have always loved the weight belts from 2Pood. They are also the official belt of USA Weightlifting. And they have LOTS of fun patterns to choose from. A weight belt assists in bracing the core when lifting heavy.  Be sure to use the size guide, or go smaller than you think you need to.


9. Weight Vest

The Murph Challenge is a big deal for lots of our members. We have personally been using 5.11 weight vests for years and know how well made they are. This year, 5.11 introduced a vest made for athletic training. It has the same quality we have come to expect from 5.11. We also highly recommend the curved weights from 5.11, or curved plates from Rogue.  Women will typically need a 7.5 pound pair, and men a 10 pound pair.  Dont make the mistake we have made several times and order a 20 pound pair, thinking that will be two 10 pound plates!  Youll end up with two 20 pound plates! (you’d think we have only made that mistake once…but you’d be very wrong hahahaha)

5.11 Weight Vest: https://www.511tactical.com/tactec-trainer-weight-vest-831.html?queryID=5372de36ca3e39ab4c0311fc0a9b1912&objectID=308731&indexName=magento2_productiondefault_products

Rogue Curved Weights:


10. Gym Gift Card for Nutrition Coaching

This one is hands down our fave gift! Give the gift of health with a gift card to our gym specifically for nutrition coaching. It's an ideal way to support their fitness goals from the inside out. A gift card for nutrition coaching at Swift River CrossFit adds that extra personal touch that says you truly care about their holistic well-being.  The link below allows gift card purchases in multiples of $25.  The purchaser will receive a redirect after purchase to print out the gift.


Go RX and share this list with that special someone who has been asking what to get you for the holidays :-)

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